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Based in Frederick, Maryland

Release date:
Spring 2021

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One of the world's most beloved brick-breaking games is back! The all-new Jardinains! takes players on a rollicking journey through countless unique and exciting levels. Break bricks, dodge flowerpots, and keep endless waves of mischievous 'nains from ruining your day!

Jardinains! is a novel take on the classic brick-breaker genre, where players use their ball and paddle to break bricks. Players earn points and useful powerups by breaking bricks and bouncing 'nains. 'Nains are cute little gnomes that live among and inside the bricks. They're none too happy about the player's efforts to clear out their bricks, and they'll try to stop the player with everything they've got–flowerpots, anchors, baseballs, smartphones, fancy cakes, and anything else they can get their hands on! Use the ball to knock 'nains off their bricks and bounce them with the paddle to earn extra points and powerups.

Players can choose to complete challenges in an assortment of hand-crafted level packs, or they can try Infinite Mode and play a limitless stream of procedurally-generated levels.

Highly customizable playstyle options and accessibility settings make Jardinains! a fun and challenging game for everyone. Jardinains! is sure-fire fun, whether your style is relaxed, intense, or somewhere in-between!

Come play today! The 'nains are waiting!


Jardinains! has been around in various versions since 2001, when it was one of Download.com's most downloaded games. In 2006, Magic Chopstick Games released Jardinains 2!, which took the original concept and added more levels, 'nains, powerups, and fun than ever before.

With the upcoming release of the all new Jardinains!, the world will finally be able to play their favorite brick-breaking, 'nain-bouncing game on virtually any major consumer device, including personal computers, smartphones, tablets, video game consoles, and television sets. The new Jardinains! features more nains, powerups, and levels than ever before, and promises an outstanding 'nain-bouncingly, fist-shakingly good time for old and young fans alike!


  • All New Level Packs with diabolically clever designs and custom progress goals for each level
  • More 'nains than ever before, well more than you can shake a stick at
  • Exciting powerups, some old, some new, to help and hinder your progress through levels
  • Infinite Mode, where you're guaranteed never to run out of new levels to play
  • Rich playstyle and accessibility settings to ensure that everybody has fun, regardless of how they want to play
  • Catchy all-new songs that'll get stuck in your head for days on end, maybe we shouldn't mention that part
  • Multiple platform support means you can bounce 'nains anywhere: on your computer, on your phone, on your tablet...anywhere!


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About Magic Chopstick Games

Magic Chopstick Games is a small, independent video game shop. We've been around since 2001, though our roots go all the way back to hand-copying BASIC games out of computing magazines onto the ol' Apple IIe after school. We've been releasing games on and off ever since, and we continue to work on new, exciting titles to this day. We've also grown accustomed to referring to ourselves in the majestic plural; Magic Chopstick Games is really just Tom Darby in disguise. Other than that, there's not a lot more to say; check out our games to learn more!

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Jardinains! Credits

Tom Darby
Director, Coder, Composer, Designer, Tester, Graphic Artist, Sound Effects, Marketing, Distribution, Manager, Clerical, Custodial, etc

Miranda Darby
Concept artist, Chief Advisor

Aurora "Ror" Darby
Lead, Junior Testers; concept artist and writer

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