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August 2018

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"This is good!" - Darius Kazemi, Tiny Subversions

"This is fun!" - Marina Kittaka, creator of Anodyne, Even The Ocean

Words are weapons!

Obliteracy is a word game set in a utopian future where energy is generated from language itself. Word-warriors pilot enormous mechanized robots in a tournament to prove themselves worthy of the title of Champion—and to earn the chance to craft the future of the world.

Obliteracy's core gameplay mixes the familiar mechanics of tile-based word games with a variety of bonuses, board configurations, and contenders to create a fresh, dynamic challenge in every match. Battles are fought using wildly varying tile sets, each with its own configuration of powerup tiles that can boost damage and energy gain. Players choose from one of eight different playable challengers, each with distinctive strengths, weaknesses, play styles, and skills which, properly used, can instantly turn the tide of a pitched struggle.

In Story Mode, players face increasingly challenging opponents in eight distinct and engrossing story arcs, all culminating in battles against the Codexicron, the artificially-intelligent repository of humanity's knowledge and creator of the tournament. Multiplayer lets you challenge friends and strangers from across the globe in single-match play,and Quick Play drops you into a randomly generated encounter that adapts over time to match your skill level.

With dozens of board configurations and character matchups, Obliteracy demands quick wit and constantly evolving strategies to ensure victory.


Obliteracy has been developed by Tom Darby and Robi Mookerjee over the course of many years, each of us working as time and life allowed. Tom, the founder of Magic Chopstick Games, brought the code and gameplay of Obliteracy to life, as well as its animations, audio, and music. Robi is the talent behind Obliteracy's rich story, character design, masterful script, unique artwork—and a good amount of animation, to boot.

Today, it boasts thousands of graphic assets, tens of thousands of lines of code, and scores of musical cues. Obliteracy is easily our most ambitious title to date, and all involved are incredibly proud of it.


  • Eight playable characters, each with unique strengths and weaknesses
  • Unique tile-based gameplay where players share a pooled set of tiles
  • Tile bonuses and modifiers that can help or hinder the player, and a game board that changes as play progresses
  • Dozens of unique board configurations that test the player's ability to adapt to a wide variety strategic scenarios
  • A rich, engrossing single-player Story Mode for each playable character weaves an engaging story of a brilliant, word-powered future
  • Quick Match single player skirmishes which feature an adaptive AI that adjusts over time to match your own skill level, perfect for a five-minute game break
  • Online, cross-platform multiplayer lets you show off your lexical prowess with friends, enemies, and total strangers
  • Expand your vocabulary: tap any word at the end of a match to view its definition
  • Original soundtrack and fantastical artwork


Intro Animation YouTube

Gideon Intro and Gameplay YouTube




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About Magic Chopstick Games

Magic Chopstick Games is a small, independent video game shop. We've been around since 2001, though our roots go all the way back to hand-copying BASIC games out of computing magazines onto the ol' Apple IIe after school. We've been releasing games on and off ever since, and we continue to work on new, exciting titles to this day. We've also grown accustomed to referring to ourselves in the majestic plural; Magic Chopstick Games is really just Tom Darby in disguise. Other than that, there's not a lot more to say; check out our games to learn more!

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Obliteracy Credits

Tom Darby
Co-Conspirator (code, animation, music, audio) - Magic Chopstick Games

Robi Mookerjee
Co-Conspirator (art, animation, writing)

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks