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Magic Chopstick Games
Creating unique, lovingly hand-crafted video games since 2001
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Jardinains promo screen: an image showing the Jardinains! logo on a brick background. A nain is poking its head through a hole in the brick background.
The critically-acclaimed, genre-breaking twist on the classic ball-and-paddle game.
Break bricks, bounce 'nains, and delight in a fun, challenging game for all ages and skill levels!
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Magic Chopstick Arcade promo screen: pixellated text reading 'Magic Chopstick Arcade' with a pixellated car, person, and spaceship.
Magic Chopstick ARCADE
Bite-sized takes on early arcade classics.
Choose your favorite from three micro-games written in PICO-8,
a fantasy console that that puts fun, challenging limits
on what a game developer can do.
Outmaneuver enemy operatives in Agent Seeker,
Explore the Dungeon of Infinite Torment in Greave,
and blast through menacing aliens in Spiffy Spaceguy!
Agent Seeker | Greave | Spiffy Spaceguy
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Obliteracy promo screen: an image containing the eight Champions of Obliteracy in various poses underneath the game title
Dive into a future world where words are weapons.
Challenge a colorful array of contenders to become champion, and
use your lexical prowess to unlock the secrets of the Codexicron!
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